The Nitty Gritty

The Terms and Conditions of Booking our Cottage


For the purpose of The Nitty Gritty, the term you includes you, members of your party, your dog and anyone visiting you either in the cottage or garden.


By booking the cottage you are agreeing you have read and agree to the terms and conditions laid out below, you have read and agreed to abide by "how the cottage works" and if you are bringing a dog you agree to abide by the dog rules.

Once we have agreed your booking we will send you an email and an invoice. Your booking is only secured once the payment of the deposit, 25% of the price of your selected holiday, or the full amount, if you are booking less than 2 months prior to the start of your holiday, is received by our Bank, by Bank Transfer, full details will be on your invoice. Once we have emailed you your invoice, your dates will be shown on our calendar as reserved, this status of your booking will be held for 24 hours only, if we have received no payment or communication from you in that time, to explain why you have failed to pay, your reservation will be cancelled, and show on our calendar as available.

Payment of the Balance

The balance is due 2 calendar months prior to the start date of your holiday.

Cautionary Deposit

The cautionary deposit is to cover for the unlikely event of accidents, breakages or losses, the permanent staining of bedlinen, towels, tea towels, rugs, soft furnishing , etc., by you. If you don't leave the cottage as you found it, or you are late in leaving, so delaying our cleaner; the money will be deducted from the deposit. If more serious damage is caused by you, you are agreeing to refund any further expenses incurred when invoiced for. The use of a cautionary deposit allows us to keep the cost of your holiday as economical as possible.


If you cancel your holiday your 25% deposit is non refundable unless we manage to resell your dates, in which case we would retain £50.00 to cover administration. Likewise, after paying the balance, that balance is only refundable if we are able to resell your dates. The cautionary deposit will, of course, be refunded immediately in full. We will make every effort to sell your dates, but might have to put them on offer, which we will, of course, discuss with you.


We do not provide holiday insurance. We would strongly advise you to take out cover for your holiday, insuring yourself for cancellation of booking, and, cover for your possessions including your car whilst you are here.

Cancellation by Us

Should we have to cancel your holiday for unforeseen reasons, (i.e. storm damage, fire etc) all your monies will be returned, but we are sorry that we can't be held responsible for the inconvenience caused.

Maximum No. of Guests

Number of guests is restricted to up to four. Children must be 8 or over. This is because of the danger of open water in and around the garden. If you have one child please ring to discuss this age restriction.

For 2019 we are introducing a reduction in price for up to 2 guests using one bedroom only. However if those guests are visiting whilst the central heating is in use they must man the shutters in the unused bedroom.


We do hold a spare key to the cottage, but will only enter the cottage after giving you notice of our need to do so, unless it is a dire emergency. However if you lose your set of keys, you will be charged for the replacement cost.

Arrival & Parking

We have 2 parking spaces designated for the cottage alongside our car, you park at your own risk.

When you arrive, drive down to the cottage and come across to the house, we will come and show you around and leave you the key. After unloading you park your car two minutes away from the cottage, on our land.

Arrival time is 4pm, if you have any problem with this please let us know as we do try to be as flexible as possible, however departure time is 10 am, we expect you to have emptied the dishwasher and to leave the cottage in the same condition as you found it. Please bring the key back before you leave, otherwise we have no way of knowing when we can come in.

No Smoking

This is a non smoking cottage, if you smoke outside, please don't leave cigarette ends in the garden.

How the Cottage Works

The most important thing for us is that you really enjoy your stay here and will find this place as special as we do. There are a few extra things for you to consider when you stay in this Listed Building. This was an agricultural building so the walls are filled with mud, this presents no problems if you understand how to treat it, the cottage will be as dry as a bone.

We have renovated this building using traditional materials, such as lime, slate and reclaimed wood wherever possible, and although fitted with modern facilities we have tried to retain the atmosphere of an old building. Listed buildings do need more care when living in them, so you must decide if this is for you.

We were not allowed to use double glazing, so we have provided wooden shutters for warmth in the winter and to conserve energy, and also provide extra privacy at night. However as the building has been renovated with the use of lime it needs to breath, so it is crucial that the shutters throughout the cottage are opened during the day (once you are up and dressed of course), this includes the red outside shutter doors on the main bedroom, but don't worry these can be operated from either side. They must all be shut at night fall, whether you are using both bedrooms or not, which will keep you nice and cosy. Manning the shutters is not an onerous task night and morning and takes less than five minutes, once you are in the swing.

If you are visiting in the summer, when the underfloor/skirting heating is not being used, the use of shutters is entirely optional, but they must, of course, be opened during the day if used.

On dry days opening the windows for a short while in the winter, and longer in the summer, is very necessary for good ventilation, as lime is absorbent . Please leave the bathroom windows open as much as possible, they are quite small.

The lime plaster is softer than modern equivalents so we ask that you do not pile things against the walls.

There is underfloor heating throughout the ground floor, (bedrooms, shower rooms and hall) and upstairs (living area) there is skirting heating and a wood burning stove. You will find that as long as you follow the stove instructions it will be easy to use and keep the glass clean so you can see the flames.

We are not on mains sewage, and although the toilets are conventional, there is a worm compost system instead of a septic tank which means that you must not put any extraneous items down the toilet, we provide a mild toilet cleaner and ask you to use a small amount each day, as we must be kind to our worms!

From the photographs, you will see, there is some blacksmith metalwork, the beds and the banisters etc, although they have been treated they are not suitable for hanging any damp towels or clothing, as there is a potential for rust staining on any items hung there. We have a drying room adjacent to the cottage where the washing machine dryer and freezer are housed.

Finally, the cooking area is under the sloping ceiling which does not allow for a cooker extraction hood so we provide an anti splatter guard to put over a pan when frying or open cooking, to protect the ceiling.

We are telling you all this so that you can decide if you would find these small chores such a nuisance as to spoil your holiday, or whether you would find it part of the adventure of staying in such a lovely place.

Dog Rules

We are happy for you to bring one well trained dog, no puppies we are afraid. Should you wish to bring 2 dogs please ring to discuss. We do need you to keep your dog on a lead whilst on our property, as there are no fenced off areas in the garden and we do have cats. There is a public right of way across our land down to the beach, and the National Park requires all dogs to be on the lead on this path. Once you get to the gate to the beach your dogs can be let off the lead. We do require you to collect up any dog mess in the garden and on the path, but I’m sure you do that as a matter of course. There is an extra charge of £20.00 for your dog.

I’m sure you can understand that your dog must not be left in the cottage alone. However there is a local dog hotel/walking service, which has been highly recommended, find it in the Dog section in Local Links.

Please bring dog bedding and dog towels with you, we have an outside hose if your dog gets muddy. Please do not let your dog on the beds or on the soft furnishing. When you clean up before you leave please vacuum up the dog hairs.

I hope you don’t find these rules too draconian. If you need a cottage with an enclosed garden to let your dog run unattended sadly this cottage won't suit you.